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Less to swallow. More to absorb.

Less to swallow. More to absorb.

The smallest form of the most effective vitamins and supplements.

The smallest form of the most effective vitamins and supplements.

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Customers are taken by these:

Mighty Small™

Daily Multi

with Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D & Probiotics

Mighty Small™


with Folic Acid & Iron

Mighty Small™

Immune Support

with Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc, C & D

Easy to swallow,
or easy to digest?

Yes! Our tiny tablets slide down the hatch like your favorite breath mint, and pack premium nutrition for maximum bioavailability.

Pure ingredients,
or convenience?

Yes! We put the purest nutrients through our multi-step granulation and compression process to ensure max nutritional value per serving.

On a mission,
or health forward?

Yes! Swellow’s formulas are clinically driven, and our mission is to remove every barrier between you and your healthiest habits.

The Swellow Story

Take it, easy Tm

Not just easier to swallow. Easier to carry on the go.

Blister Packs

As flat as your favorite gum pack. As potent as your life and health deserve.

Clasp Tins

Health goes elegant. Small enough for your clutch, sleek enough for the restaurant.

Daily Dispensers

Broken down by day of week. Formulated to build your health all the way up.

Flip Cap Boxes

Tiny enough to fit in your 3rd jeans pocket. Easy flip top for shake-to-take.

Nutritional Guidance

Unsure what to take?
We make it easy.

When you want the best of health and wellness (and isn’t that always?), our nutritionists are happy to answer your questions and help shape your regimen.


“I couldn’t swallow the pill, so my leg cramps got worse.

My nutritionist said to take magnesium even though I take a multi to relieve my night leg cramps. But I kept choking on the big pill until I gave up. The cramping got so bad! [My daughter] Lily massaged my legs but that only helped a bit. When I found Swellow I thanked my lucky stars… I’m buying all my supplements from Swellow now so I can take them all safely.”

Samantha Gill • Easton, PA