Daily Prenatal

Everything you need for you and your baby.
Days of Supply: 30 Days (1 Bottle)

This itty bitty, easy-to-swallow daily Prenatal supplement is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep mom and baby healthy at every stage of development. Our Prenatal Supplement with Folate & Iron includes the most bioavailable forms of nutrients that are safe, reliable and potent. Mom's expect the best for themselves and their baby. Swellow delivers!

BITTY SIZE WITH BOUNTIFUL BENEFITS | Despite Their Tiny Form, Swellow’s Revolutionary Multi-Step Granulation & Compression Process Ensures Superior Absorption & Maximum Nutritional Benefits Per Serving | Our Comprehensive Multivitamin Helps You Get the Nutrients You Need to Support Strong Bones, Muscles, Digestion, & Immune System

EASY TO SWALLOW MICRO TABLETS | It’s the Swellow Signature! Our Tablets are Specially Formulated for People of All Ages Living with Dysphagia, Neurological Challenges, Post-Stroke Symptoms or Fear of Swallowing | Get your Essential Vitamins Without Taking Large Capsules, Caplets, Those Big "Horse Pills," Sugary Gummies & Liquids, or Chalky Powders

Stock your medicine cabinet with Swellow’s Complete Line of easy to swallow Supplements Targeting Joint Inflammation, Sleep, Immunity, Fertility, Cold & Flu, Stress, Hair, Skin, Nails & More! Don't Swallow. Swellow!


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Effortlessly swallow 3 tablets, once daily, with water to support yourself and your little one.

For human consumption only (not for dogs, cats, or pets). Always consult with a healthcare professional before taking Swellow supplements.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Key Benefits

Daily support for your
most precious adventure.

Our prenatal multi helps you get the nutrients you need to support baby and yourself from conception to birth, and beyond.


Vitamin A

An essential vitamin for healthy vision, organs, and immune system.


Vitamin C

Balances blood pressure and immunity, and enhances healthy iron absorption.


Vitamin D

Helps strengthen and develop bones and teeth as well as prevent certain diseases.


Vitamin E

Supports your body to fight oxidative stress and boosts your immune system.


B Complex

Balances energy levels, improves cardio health, and supports healthy cells.



Regulate hormones, fetal development, and other important bodily functions.



Helps maintain healthy blood pressure and to keep cells functioning optimally.



Maintains healthy blood, muscles, and energy levels throughout the body.

See ingredients section for a full list of goodness in each bottle.

Recent Reviews

As our healthy customers say:
My Son Loves These
My teen is so stubborn about taking pills, but since these are so tiny, it’s so much easier for him to swallow. Best purchase ever!
My New Fave
I’m so picky about the supplements I buy. These are such high quality and I love how small they are. Planning to get their multi soon too.
Senior Friendly
I’ve been needing more magnesium since I started going through menopause. Love how small and quality these pills are.
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Got questions? Oh, that’s easy.

Who can benefit from taking a prenatal vitamin?
Any aspiring or expectant mother can benefit from taking a prenatal vitamin! They are also very helpful during breastfeeding and lactation to maintain optimal function and nutritional benefit for your baby.
Why are your tablets so tiny?
Our tablets are designed to make daily nutrition easy—even if you have a hard time swallowing average vitamins. Whether you’re sensitive to taste or texture, suffer from gag reflex, or struggle with a medical issue, you now have a reason to never skip again!
Who can take the Swellow One-a-Day Prenatal?
Our Prenatal is great for women who are, are looking to be, or have recently been pregnant. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before adding any new supplement to your daily routine.
My prenatals upset my stomach! What can I do?
Some of our customers find that their vitamins are easier on their stomach when taken with food. If you continue to have problems, check with your doctor; they may be able to give you more guidance.